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Shower to steam shower conversion tile installation is completed and grouted. Just waiting for shower doors and plumbing trim work installation
Steam Shower Installers Lakewood, Co

This Lakewood residential steam shower tile installation is completed. The tile is purchased at Floor & Decor where 90% of all the projects I'm working on the tile is purchased. This porcelain tile does not come with a tile trim piece so we installed brush nickel metal edging by Schluter on all edges of the shower and grouted with Mapei's UltraColor Plus FA our preferred grout for steam showers.

With the completion of the demo of the old shower we start from scratch to build the new steam shower. Insulation is added to all the walls and ceiling. That will help with heat retention.
Framing the Steam Shower in Lakewood,Co

Once the demo is finished we have a clean slate to work with. The shower needs some framing, insulation, new plumbing and somewhere to store the new steam generator. Plus the shower drain and p-trap would need to be replaced in order to install a new Schluter-Kerdi shower drain.

The old cast iron p-trap is removed so that the new Schluter-Kerdi drain can be installed. Because the shower sits on a concrete slab we need to break out the concrete to below grade.
Shower Drain Replaced, Lakewood, Co

In part 1 we showed the shower bench we built for the steam generator. Because this shower is on concrete slab we needed to break out the concrete and dig out the dirt to make room for the new PVC trap and drain.

We next cut the cast iron pipe to make the new connection using a no hub adapter that is fitted to the cast iron and pvc p-trap.
New PVC Shower Drain P-trap

With the new drain in place we back fill the hole and will install the new shower curb and pour the new cement shower pan. Which is actually a dry pack deck mud that we trowel at a ratio of 1/4" per ft towards the drain.

The shower pan installed is cement poured and waterproofed with Schluter-Kerdi membrane. The tile installation bonds directly to the membrane.
Schluter Shower Pan Lakewood, Co

As a rule after the cement is poured for the new shower pan minimum cure time is 72 hours before we can apply the Schluter membrane material to the pan for a secure adhesion. We'll work on the walls and ceiling while the cement is curing. All surfaces of the shower are waterproofed.

The 12x24 porcelain tile is installed vertically with all of the grout joints matching. This tile layout helps to give the shower the appearance of height. The ceiling tile follows the side wall layout from the bench wall of the shower toward the valve wall also matching the grout joints on the window wall.
Tile Installation Lakewood, Co

We make sure that all surfaces and details for our custom tile installations will meet up and slope towards the shower and shower drain. Such as the bench top and window sill which are sloped slightly towards the shower floor. This eliminates standing water. Also the shower ceiling is slanted towards the shower valve wall to help the water condensation flow away from the bench. We'll provide another picture once the shower doors are installed.

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