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This shower features a large 12x24 format porcelain tile that was purchased at Floor & Decor in Highlands Ranch, Co

The tile project is actually located just south of Parker in Franktown 80116 and is a basement finishing project that the homeowner undertook doing 90% of the work himself.


Definitely, a talented tradesman who is a well-known architect here in Colorado. Because of his training background, the tile design installation is all of his vision and knew exactly how the tile would be laid out. All I needed to do is the tile installation itself with the detailed design he handed me.

He was very mindful of the porcelain tile and it's pattern and selected to have the tile installed in a vertical stack pattern with straight grout joints.

Each tile was set in a way that the pattern would flow in a natural-looking way. Something that is done when installing a natural stone tile with veins such as a marble tile.

He also chose to reverse what is normally installed on the shower pan and the bathroom floor, installing penny tile on the bathroom floor and large format tiles on the shower pan. opposite of what most projects install which added to the uniqueness of the bathroom installation project.

Schluter In-line Shower Drain

Schluter In-line Shower Drain

The choice to install an in-line drain is a great choice for any shower. This allows for installing large format tiles on the shower pan floor without numerous cuts to the tile that defeats the design and purpose of a tile installation of large format tiles.

Cement Poured Shower Pan

Cement Poured Shower Pan

Custom mud pan installation. the shower is draining to the shower drain. In douglas county all shower pan installations are still flood tested. The inspection looks for the new shower pan to hold water and drain properly.

Shower Pan Waterproofing

Shower Pan Waterproofing

This shower pan installation is waterproofed with Schluter-Kerdi waterproofing membrane. Which is one of the top methods for a water tight shower installation.

Tiled Shower Pan

Tiled Shower Pan

Here is an example of the tile installation of a large format porcelain tile. The in-line or linear shower drain allows for no small cuts leading to the drain. Another option to this design is to use a tileable drain cover for a no hole shower pan.

Shower Installation

Shower Installation

The homeowner did most of the work in his basement finishing project and he also installed all of the cement board in this shower. All of the wall seams are sealed with Schluter-Kerdi band as the tile is being installed. This ensures that no water will get behind the wallboard.

Tile Shower Installation

Tile Shower Installation

The design pattern of this tile installation is to stack the tile in a vertical straight course that lines up all of the grout lines. The tile installer selects each tile to be installed carefully following the patterns on the tile for a natural flow of the tile patterns.

Mosaic Tile Installation

Mosaic Tile Installation

The penny tile installation adds to the unique design that the homeowner (who is an architect) wanted implemented for his bathroom installation. Opting to install the penny tile on the bathroom floor instead of a large format tile most installations would have done.

Tile Installation

Tile Installation

The added feature of a shelf mirrors the window frame of the shower and is ideal for shampoo and soap placement. All ot the edges were finished using Schluter metal edging and was purchased along with the tile at Floor & Decor.

This bathroom installation was all designed by the homeowner who is a well-known architect who has worked on many of the building projects you see along the front range.

By the time I came on board with the project he already had the tile placement laid out and I followed his tile layout exactly as he planned for the tile installation in the shower.

Stacking the tile in a vertical pattern really helped in making the shower installation look huge and spacious. It also adds to the height of the bathroom and adds to the feeling of a clean modern approach to this bathroom design. The porcelain tile gives this feeling of modern with a classic design. A+ for your selections.

When considering what type of tile to install for your shower installation project make sure that the tile is flat and square in the case of large format tiles.

Depending on the look you're after some tiles incorporate these features for a handmade tile effect.



Just a few of the Tile showrooms that will inspire!!


Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.







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