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Custom Steam Shower & Tile Installation

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This basement bathroom remodel included a large steam shower that the entire family can enjoy. 

The porcelain tile is 15x30 inches and can be purchased at Floor & Decor Aurora, CO store

The accent tile is a hexagon 3x3 sheet tile which is also a porcelain tile.

The homeowner designed the vertical placements on the back wall, valve wall, ceiling, and floor, the tile installer also tiled the back wall of the recessed shampoo shelf.

The metal edge is by Schluter in a brushed nickel finish that matches the plumbing trim and shower drain grate which is also Schluter.

The steam generator selected for the project is by Thermasol and will generate abundant heat for this extra-large residential steam shower installation.

Thermasol offers a great warranty for their generators and is a good incentive to purchase a quality product that is backed by this top manufacturer.

The grout is Mapei Ultra Plus FA which in my opinion is the best product on the market. It is excellent with this steam shower application. The grout is colorfast, stain and mold-resistant, and never needs sealing.


Like the porcelain tile itself, this grout is low maintenance.

Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company has 40 years of bathroom remodeling, tile installation, and new steam shower construction experience that we apply to any project you may have in mind. 

Steam Shower Company Centennial,Co
Customer Review for This Project

Cheryl and Mark B


Excellent work; highest integrity. This company combines the best experience and how-to knowledge with care for the customer. Tony and Jonathan built a steam shower and upgraded the basement bathroom for us. They started by taking the old bathroom down to the studs and even capping off a poorly crafted shower that was separate from the tub space that they were able to convert to the steam shower. Tony recommended products and advised us on ways to expedite and make our project even better, all in accord with our vision. Because of their expertise and professionalism, we have complete confidence in the quality and functionality of our beautiful new bathroom and steam shower. Thank you Tony and Jonathan!

If you're thinking about installing a steam shower in your home, here's a few things you may want to consider:

Common questions answered,

  • Can I just install a steam shower generator to my existing shower? - No. Most showers that are built today are not waterproofed to the extent necessary for a full watertight shower enclosure. Some wallboards, grouts, and tiles do not work well in steam showers. For example, The tile selected needs to be non-porous and retain heat. Natural stone tiles are not a good fit.

  • Can I put a steam generator in my small shower? - Yes. One reason you may be considering a steam shower is for the well-documented benefits derived. However, you may not have the space to enlarge, which is the first choice. Another option is a built-in corner bench, but that may not be as comfortable as a folding bench that can be attached to the shower wall or one that can be moved in and out of the shower. The point is you want to be able to sit down and relax during your steam session

  • Is the cost of a steam shower much more than a regular shower? - Yes. A steam shower involves much more than a regular shower in that the steam shower will need to be insulated top to bottom. The materials needed to waterproof and tile the shower are more costly. The steam generator itself is an additional cost as are custom glass shower doors that need to be made and the electrical dedicated circuit for the steam generator adds to the cost. A ceiling fan also needs to be installed and vented outside if necessary. All of this adds to the labor for a steam shower installation.

  • IS A STEAM SHOWER WORTH THE COST? - Yes. The real value of a steam shower is the health benefits that you will derive from a regularly scheduled steam session. For healthier skin, to improved blood circulation, there are many benefits to using a steam shower. Health aside the added feature of a steam shower adds real value to your home's appraisal. Many buyers would search out residences with this feature.  "The heat from a steam room opens up the mucous membranes around the body. This will make someone breathe more deeply and easily. Steam rooms will break up the congestion in the sinuses and lungs and therefore can be used to help treat colds, unblock sinuses, and aid breathing." MEDICAL NEWS TODAY


A look to the other side of the basement bathroom remodel. Not pictured is a pre-fabricated shower to the right of the picture.


Here's a better look at where the shower used to be. How times have changed and this bathroom update reflects that change.


The porcelain floor tile is laid out and dry set for the homeowners approval. We ran the tile long side along the shower and also cross wise against the shower.


The homeowner Nailed it! The tile flooring was set long side along the shower. Here's some wall art she plans to hang in the bathroom.


This floor tile layout helped the homeowner to select which direction she wanted the tile to be set.


The steam shower and bathroom floor tile are grouted and done. Still waiting on glass doors to be installed and some minor adjustments for the ceiling fan.


At one time this jetted tub was the ultimate in relaxation. Here we see the tub sandwiched between wall cabinets to the left and a vanity to the right.


The homeowner had a clear vision of how she wanted to use this very large space. With the plumbing completed the tile installers frame the shower bench and close up the shower floor.


Every surface in this shower is waterproofed. We install Triton to the walls, ceiling and bench. The board is treated in the manufacturing process and we apply waterproof membrane to all of the seams


The tile layout was also designed by the homeowner, who saw this vision of a bathroom update when she purchased this home. Clearly she knew what she wanted to do and how she was going to use this space. A steam shower is the ultimate in luxury that fitted her families active life style.


With most of the tile installation close to completion we can begin to layout the bathroom floor.



All of the setting materials for this steam shower tile installation project are the highest in quality. Mapei Ultra-lite thin-set is very strong lightweight and easy to spread. It's very sticky and adheres to the walls and ceiling almost instantly when mixed according to the manufacturer's directions.

We also selected the Mapei Ultra Plus FA grout which is probably the best grout on the market today and an excellent grout for steam shower projects.



Just a few of the Tile showrooms that will inspire!!


Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.

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