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Denver Shower Pan

Shower Pan Installation Contractor Denver, CO

Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company


There are many design options when it comes to tiling your shower pan and/or bathroom remodel project.


A tile shower pan offers more versatility and options for

tile installation is endless.


Tile shower pans are unique and can reflect the homeowners' desire to insert art into their shower and complement the work of the tile installer setting tile on the shower walls, niches, and shower benches. 

In these examples, the 2 showers with 12x24 large format tiles are porcelain tiles manufactured to look like marble tile. Porcelain has become so popular because of its durability and ease of maintenance.


The marble subway tile and porcelain wall tile is priced for a very affordable budget. All of our shower installations feature natural stone tiles or porcelain tile for the shower pans.

Call me for more information about your shower pan options.


Custom Tile and Shower Pan Installation Denver, CO

Your new shower pan installation to me and other professional shower pan installation tile contractors, is the most important aspect of your new walk in shower.


The base of the shower or shower pan contains the water and directs the water to the shower drain for a safe, secure, and properly functioning shower.

There are many choices available for your shower pan installation selections. Most are well designed and depending on your timeline and budget a shower pan can be installed quickly to move the schedule along.


Quick installation and tile-ready shower pans can be made of highly compressed and waterproof foam, fiberglass walk in shower trays, or cement-poured shower pans.

Whatever choice you make talk to me about your design goals and I will give you the pros and cons of the various methods and brands for a curbless walk in shower or a shower with a linear drain. Some of your choices may require reframing floor joists or jackhammering down concrete when your shower sits on a concrete slab.

Let me know what you would like to get done. Our shower pan installation crew is near and ready to work with the best materials and professional skills for your new shower pan installation and bathroom remodeling project.


Make sure to hire a shower pan installation expert to prevent future shower pan fails.

Shower Pan Installation Company
Shower Pan Installation and Replacement

5 Steps For a New Shower Pan Installation

Shower Installation
Curbless Walk in Shower

Step 4 Tile Installation - Everything being said this final step seals the deal.


After all, steps 1 - 3 can be done to the Tee, but if the tile installation is not up to par it will leave the homeowner wondering if it was all worth it.


When installed correctly, A tile shower pan will last a very long time. Tile adds to the beauty and value of your home and bathroom renovation update.


Tile has been the top choice for thousands of years and remnants of past tile installations are still evident today! 

Step 5 - Hire Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company 

Our tile installers specialize in custom cement-poured shower pan installation, replacement, and repairs.


In the last 40 years, we have gained extensive experience in what works and what does not in the residential shower pan renovation update trade.


We put this experience to work on your project for a safe, secure, no-leak shower pan installation. Includes custom tile installation services. Or we can install the shower pan and you can tile yourself.

Step 1 Plumbing Shower Drain -

The gallery features 2 new walk in shower pan installations. The showers sit on a concrete slab.


The first step in a shower pan installation is installing the correct shower drain and /or the drain of choice such as a linear shower drain and getting the shower drain in the right location.


In the 1st example of the new shower pan installation, the rough-in plumbing has already been done and is located in the correct location.


The 2nd roll of pictures shows an example of a shower pan installation that needs to be relocated for the new linear shower drain that is being installed.

Step 2 Cement Poured Shower Pans - We cement pour dry pack also called deck mud 90% of our shower pan installations.

With 40 years of shower pan installation experience, we know what works best for the longest-lasting water containment shower pan system and what type of shower pan bases to stay away from.

For example, some foam tray shower pans that can be tiled over have become quite popular for the Diy'er or house flipper however after some years of use the foam tray starts to compress leading to shower pan leaks and/or loose tile and cracking grout.

However, the technology has advanced to the point that some foam shower pans are high-density quality and excellent for a tile-ready waterproof option that will last and will not leak. a very good option when under time constraints and there is no time to wait on cement curing.


We believe your shower pan installation should last until you decide to update your shower again. Cement-poured shower pans work best when the correct waterproofing membrane and tile are properly installed.

We recommend top-quality membranes like Laticrete Hydroment and Schluter-Kerdi. Our shower pan installation service offers walk-in showers built with shower curbs or no shower curbs and roll-in shower pan installations. ADA-compliant showers built

Step 3 Waterproofing - This is the most critical step in the process that we have covered thus far. And this is where most shower pan installations fail. One reason for most failures from the many shower pan repairs and shower pan replacements that we have done is installer errors in the installation of rubber or vinyl shower liners installed under the cement.

When installed properly, these shower pans can last for many years or until you decide to update your shower again.


A critical mistake seen is the plugging up of the weep holes. This leads to numerous problems. Some problems are noticed immediately other problems are noticed only after months some after years of use. Besides the most common problem of a water leak, there is also evidence of cracked tiles and crumbling grout, efflorescence and loose tiles, and extreme mold growth, all due to plugged weep holes. Or cutting corners literally of the pan material around the drain corners and shower curb.

All waterproofing systems incorrectly installed will have its failure. We can say we have just about seen it all in 40 years of installing, repairing, and replacing shower pans.

Shower Tile Installation

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 Tile Design Showrooms

Just a few of the tile showrooms near you, that will inspire your shower installation.


Daltile Design Center

Crossville Studios

Floor and Decor

Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.

Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company is a tile installer contractor specializing in custom shower, bathroom, and floor tile installations, tile replacement, and tile repair.

We have over 40 years of expert tile installer experience. We draw on our remodel experience when working in residential bathroom remodeling. This allows us to work on renovation projects that involve more than being a tile installer.

Specialist in tub-to-shower conversion with a curbless entry. Our work as a tile installer and bathroom remodeling company in Denver, CO can also include demo work, drywall, floor prep, and shower pan installation.

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