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Best Floor Tile Installation Company in Denver, CO and Cities Near By

Denver Floor tile Installers

Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company has over 40 years of tile installation experience. Our Denver tile installers draw on this expert experience when working as a kitchen and bathroom remodeler. This allows us to be able to work on remodeling projects that involve more than being a tile installer


Specialist in shower installation for tub to walk in shower conversion with a curbless entry. When installing a curbless walk in shower we have the expertise to make that work from the bathroom entrance and into the shower for a level surface with no curb to step over we can make it with a seamless floor and tile transition. 

Tile Floor Installation Company Denver, CO

Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company is a tile installation contractor that specializes in custom floor tile installation, for residential kitchen and bathroom remodeling and new construction projects. We install the best materials for all of the projects we work on.

As floor tile installation contractors in Denver, Colorado, we are not limited to kitchen and bathroom floor tile projects. We offer under-tile heated floor systems from top-name brands such as Schluter and Sun Touch Floor Warming for your under-tile heat options.

We prepare all floor surfaces prior to the installation of the tile. This includes when tiling over concrete slab foundations and wood floor and OSB subfloors. In most cases, self-leveling cement is applied to the substrate for a floor installation that is absolutely flat.

Therefore hire an expert Denver tile installer for the best results and longest-lasting tile installation project, and like me and other tile professionals when the floor preparation is correctly installed your floor installation will prove to be the best choice that you can make. 


Denver Floor Tile Contractor
Curbless Walk in Shower Floor Denver,CO
Bathroom Floor Tile Installation Denver,CO
Denver Floor Tile Installers

Expert Denver Porcelain Floor Tile Installers Near you! 

If you're thinking about tile flooring for your kitchen or bathroom project in Denver, here are a few FAQs that you will want to keep in mind before you purchase. These apply more to Denver residential projects.

Is the floor tile durable? - Although any tile can be used for a floor tile installation project you want to make sure that the tile you select will be able to stand up to the wear and tear of constant use. 
For example, a kitchen floor tile will have heavy traffic with its daily use by several persons at one time while a bathroom or powder room floor will see less traffic at once.

Porcelain tile is the hardest surface tile on the Denver market today and is widely installed for use on commercial and kitchen floors. But be advised that there are some porcelain tiles that have very thin finishes that will wear down with constant traffic. When buying porcelain tile in Denver, look for a full-body tile with the same color from top to bottom if possible.


Ceramic tile will fit into this top Denver category.
On floors with less traffic such as bathrooms and powder rooms, there is no limit to what can be installed. From a softer material such as marble and limestone to granite tile, glass tile mosaic, and of course porcelain tile.

Does the floor need underlayment? - Yes to most floors. Most home sub-floors are OSB substrates, some plywood, older homes' wood slats, and many residences and basements in the Denver area are on concrete slabs.
Our tile installer has the experience to select the correct underlayment for the job. From cement board underlayment to tile underlayment membrane (uncoupling membrane) and self-leveling cement for use on concrete and wood subfloors.

Can the tile be tiled over? - Yes in some cases. E.g. Tile that was installed on concrete or tile that is firmly installed on the existing floor that is rigid with no cracked or loose tiles. Denver has many homes where we can tile over tile. However, something to keep in mind is how adding tile will affect the height of adjacent rooms/flooring. The existing tile will also need to be prepared before the new tile can be installed. 

Do I need to seal the tile/grout? - Some tiles will need to be sealed such as porous tiles like travertine, marble, granite, and other natural stone tiles. Some ceramic tiles also need to be sealed depending on the glaze of the tile. Porcelain does not need to be sealed.

For some time all grouts needed to be sealed to help prevent staining and discoloration. However, there are grouts available now in Denver that never need to be sealed and come premixed and dry as solid as an epoxy grout, and perform better in

steam shower installations.

How much tile should I buy? - By measuring in inches the width and the length of the floor and multiplying those numbers you can next divide the total by 144 inches which will give you the exact square footage. Add 10% to 15% to the total for extra.

Should I waterproof the floor? - That's an option that you will need to consider when examining your remodel budget. Depending on the underlayment selected waterproofing can be done when the underlayment is installed. E.g. Schluter-Ditra

However, make sure your waterproofing is installed underneath the bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinets to be effective. 

To achieve a seamless transition floor between the shower and bathroom floor, our tile installers will use self-leveling cement on the bathroom floor and traditional dry pack cement to work the slope towards the linear drain.

The linear shower drain makes it possible to install the same size large porcelain floor tile into the shower. The reason for this is that the slope can be worked in one direction to the drain.

We could have also installed a standard drain but when mudding the shower pan we would have to work the mud to direct the water from all sides. therefore we would need to use a smaller sheet-mounted tile or mosaic tile.

Fast and Reliable Porcelain Tile Flooring Company for Denver,CO and Surrounding Near by Cities

When it comes to the Denver floor covering business, porcelain tile to me is the best choice you can make for your upcoming kitchen and bathroom update. One very popular floor tile pattern to consider is a herringbone tile pattern as seen in this tile gallery. The homeowner selected a porcelain tile purchased at the Floor and Decor store in Denver, Colorado. His kitchen design featured contemporary kitchen cabinets with floating shelves and a quartz countertop. The design is balanced with old-world charm with the floor tile selection. The homeowner loved the floor tile installation so much that he added the design to his backsplash using a subway tile for the kitchen backsplash.

Porcelain tile plank flooring was at one point the top selected tile for kitchen and bathroom tile flooring in the Denver metro area for a long time and is still a popular design choice at a very affordable price point, that offers a design where wood flooring is not practical. So if you love the look of wood flooring and the practical function of porcelain tile, consider this tile when planning on a tile floor.

Floor tile design has also been trending in the Denver home improvement market toward Moroccan-influenced tile designs and Tuscan tile pattern tiles. Which adds an extra element that will complement any kitchen or bathroom design. The choice of tile for your project is to me the best choice to make and tile offers a wide variety and practical functions that no other surface can touch.

Denver Tile Design Showrooms

Just a few of the Denver tile showrooms near me and you, that will inspire your shower installation.


Daltile Design Center

Crossville Studios

Floor and Decor

Tile selections include:

Glass, Porcelain , Ceramic, and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet mounted tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.

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