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Littleton Shower Pan Replacement



This shower pan replacement in Littleton, Co 80123 was a challenging project that I wrote a blog about check it out.


Customer Review

James D.



Tony was a pleasure to work with, and did an amazing job! We had recently purchased a home and found that our basement shower pan was leaking badly. After working tirelessly for 2 days to remove 5 inches of concrete, Tony replaced the bottom row of tile and completely rebuilt and tiled the shower pan. He explained and walked us through each step, and tested it to ensure it would not leak. Most other contractors wanted to charge us an exorbitant amount of money to replace the entire shower. So glad we went with Tony, as it was like a quarter of the price, and you can't even tell that it's not the original pan (actually looks way better now). Would definitely call and hire Tony again!

Thanks, Tony!

Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower

Company Response

James, thanks, after 40 years in the tile installation business I tend to think that I pretty much have seen it all. Then I get a job like yours and I realize there's still a lot of fixing in the world that has to get done:) Thanks, Jim you are a great client to have.​



Shower Pan Replacement

Shower Pan Replacement

This shower although dated looks great. It was a good tile installation. However it leaked almost immediately once it was finished. Good thing it was used sparingly.

Shower Pan Installers

Shower Pan Installers

I had to break through 4 inches of concrete to get to this drain pipe.

Shower Pan Installation

Shower Pan Installation

I broke through another 4 inches of concrete to finally get to the p-trap.

Shower Pan Company

Shower Pan Company

The next step was to remove the wallboard and bottom roll of tile. Surprisingly there was minimum damage. Looks like the shower was not in use for a long time.

Shower Pan Contractor

Shower Pan Contractor

Once the p-trap was exposed I was able to glue on the new PVC Schluter shower drain. Unfortunate that the new homeowner had to get this work done just after he bought the house.

Shower Pan Installer

Shower Pan Installer

The cement wallboard is installed and the cement poured shower pan is in. The concrete shower curb is curing in the concrete form.

Shower Pan Waterproofing

Shower Pan Waterproofing

Once the cement has cured the waterproofing membrane can be installed. However before the tile installation begins we flood test the shower pan to make sure that it holds water and drains properly.

Shower Pan Contractors

Shower Pan Contractors

This was one of the most challenging shower pan replacement projects that I had run across in a long time. So much so that I wrote a blog about it. take a look!

There was a lot of work involved with this shower pan replacement project. 

A frequent question that I am asked is can I save the pan or can it be repaired?

My answer, in this case, is, "You need to have a shower pan first before you can save it or repair it".

There was no shower pan liner installed just a lot of concrete.

As I mentioned in the gallery description above, I appreciated the shower floor design in this shower which was installed with a recessed floor channel. The cement-poured shower pan directed the water efficiently down the drain. It was a great concept. However, the problem with the shower floor installation was "no shower pan liner installed". That was a huge mistake that was left for the new homeowner to deal with. Unfortunately, this has become very common today with many homes being flipped for resale.

I ended up breaking through 8 inches of concrete and discovered that there was no shower liner installed for the shower.

Surprise!Surprise! After 40 years of installing residential showers, I think at times that I've seen it all. Then this gem comes along. I'm still collecting a lot of gems nowadays!



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