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A Shower Pan of Pain

That's exactly how I would describe this innocent, interesting looking shower pan. How would I know that this shower pan would be one for the ages. Locked away forever in the memories of a Littleton Tile Installer.

Leaking shower pan repair in Littleton, CO
Shower Pan Repair Littleton, CO

My first impression of this shower floor was it looked really cool! Just look at it, Do you see what I saw when the homeowner led me into this room of pain? Where's the drain?

Shower with travertine tile and a leaking shower pan.
Leaking Shower Pan Repair

I'll tell you something. I was impressed with the design. I really appreciated the no drain concept. Of course, this shower is quite dated and today's technology does include this type of shower pan design. Schluter-Kerdi uses this technology of an invisible drain with their linear drain and liner drain where the tile is installed to the shower drain itself so that the drain hole is hidden from view. In this sense, the prior homeowner was very creative with the shower drain located against the back wall of the shower.

Leaking shower pan being torn out for replacement
Shower Pan Tear Out Littleton, CO

However, he neglected to install the most important item necessary for all shower pans across this mighty nation. THERE IS NO SHOWER PAN!!!! That was unfortunate for the new homeowner who had just purchased this home. The very first time he used the shower it leaked, no it gushed. I take it back, it was a river of unrelenting waves, a Nile river, a river of the ages. This shower had not been in use for years. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the saga of "A SHOWER PAN OF PAIN".

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