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Tile Shower Pan Replacement Denver,Co

This tile shower pan replacement in Denver, CO was currently done for a Cherry Creek homeowner on one of his rentals. Here's a picture of the finished shower pan installation by ACTION SHOWER PAN & STEAM SHOWER COMPANY-tile installers

A shower pan replacement with stone floor tiles and ceramic wall tile
Tiled Shower Pan Installation


Leaking Tile shower pan
Original Leaking Shower Pan

This shower pan looks to be in good shape. Many of the shower pans that I take a look at are pretty bad, with cracks, loose tiles, and crumbling grout or extensive mold. The renter happened to be in the basement when someone was taking a shower and happened to notice water leaking through the ceiling.


The shower pan is removed. Big hole in the sub-floor
Existing Shower Pan Removed

This shower pan was installed with a cement-poured pan, which is my preferred method for shower pan installations, however, the problem was how the vinyl pan liner was installed. You can see the remnants of the shower liner still attached to the old drain. The leak was located to the right of the drain as evidenced by the large hole. Fortunately or unfortunately the hole allowed the water to evacuate, preventing mold from building up in the pan.

Tile Work Begins

The shower pan tiling for the shower curb
Tile shower Pan Installers

Once we repair the substrate and pour the cement we wait a minimum of 72 hours for the cement to cure. We next install the wallboard and Schluter-kerdi waterproofing. We do a water test of the pan before the tile installation begins. With most of the tile set in place, we layout the tile for the shower curb which is wrapped with Schluter-kerdi waterproofing membrane.

Finished Shower Pan Repair and Replacement

Shower pan repair with subway tile and stone floor tile
Shower Pan Installation Experts

This homeowner was fortunate to be able to get the same ceramic subway tile from Home Depot. The tile for the shower floor did not have to be a perfect match for what was installed in the pan before. The homeowner just needed to select something that would be complementary to the rest of the shower and bathroom. He made a good choice. This stone floor tile is sealed before we grout. The shower door was removed to make the needed repairs to the shower pan. We reinstalled the door. Some shower doors are so grimy and moldy we end up installing new shower doors.

In most shower pan repairs and replacement jobs, we can match the wall tile and save the homeowner from the expense of doing a total shower or in some cases bathroom remodel. It just depends on the availability of the wall tile.

Here's a tile tip!

When you are selecting your tile for an upcoming bathroom or kitchen renovation project, make sure to buy extra tiles, especially enough to cover a shower pan leak.

And here's another tip! Hire Action Shower Pan and Steam Shower Company first and you will not have a problem with a leaking shower pan!

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