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Shower Replacement Aurora, Co



When choosing what type of tile to install in your shower, you will need to be aware of two things: whether the tile is flat & square.


If you want to go for the handmade tile effect, certain large format tiles will have these characteristics.

This shower features a large 12x24 format porcelain tile that was purchased at Floor & Decor in Denver, Co

The shower replacement project is located in Aurora, Co 80011, and is a basement shower project that the homeowner started and needed to complete.


The tile design for this shower installation was all of the homeowner's vision and the idea of what he wanted to achieve for his shower space.

He knew exactly how the tile would be laid out and basically, all we really consulted on was how to finish the tile installation edges around the door and window.


Because of the window and door dimensions, we ended up installing both tile trim and metal trim for the finish. This removed little tile sliver pieces along those areas making for a more symmetrical, and professional look.

Each tile was set in a way that the pattern would flow in a natural-looking way. Something that is done when installing a natural stone tile with veins such as a marble tile.

He made a great selection for the shower pan tile. The tile is a natural stone slate hexagon sheet tile. The bathroom floor, tile is also a large format porcelain tile.


Even though this bathroom is on the small side the homeowner was not afraid to use 3 different types of tile which added to the uniqueness of the shower replacement project.

Aurora Shower Replacement

The shower when I first laid eyes on it. The homeowner had already torn out the shower walls

Aurora Bathroom Remodel

We were able to reframe the shower wall and repair the soffit. We installed and taped the drywall. Un fortunately we were not able to provide a bigger door because of the toilet placement.

Aurora Shower Pan Installers

The shower walls were removed but the shower pan would still need replacement.

Aurora Shower Installation

We installed DenShield for the tile backer board. It comes with a waterproof surface from the factory.

Aurora Shower Tile Installer

A 12x24 porcelain tile was selected for the shower tile installation.

Aurora Shower Contractor

Some framing to repair soffit and shower wall and shower door is expected when replacing a shower.

Aurora Tile Installer

The tile is finished off with a mix of tile trim and metal trim on all edges of the window and soffit.

Aurora Shower Installers

All od the seams and inside corners of the shower are sealed with Schluter-Kerdi.

Aurora Tile Contractor

Once the framing is completed we can fur out and plumb the walls before installing the porcelain shower tile.

Aurora Shower Drain Replacement
Aurora Shower Pan Replacement
Aurora Schluter Drain
Aurora Shower Installer
Aurora Shower Tile Pan
Aurora Bathroom Installation
Aurora Shower Tile Contractor
Aurora Bathroom Floor Tile
Aurora Shower Door Installation

We focus on the floor. The original shower drain is cast iron and will not accept the new Schluter-Kerdi drain we will be installing. We had to break into the concrete slab to change out the p-trap and at the same time center the drain. We backfill the hole and install the drain.

Once the new shower drain is installed the next step is to pour the cement which is actually a dry pack deck mud that is troweled to direct the water to the drain at a ratio of 1/4" per foot.


The tile installation always begins with the wall and ceiling tile. We stack the tile off a bridge about the height of a half tile or so. We like to make our tile cuts to the shower pan the tile sitting on top of the shower floor tile with a full tile to the ceiling.

The homeowner selected a natural stone slate tile cut to a hexagon pattern and sheet mounted. The floor tile is a good fit in this shower design and adds texture and practical function as a non-slip tile. The shower floor still needs to be grouted. Mapei UltraColor Plus FA is our top choice!

The bathroom flooring is another 12x24 porcelain tile that is set to match the tile layout in the shower back wall. We prepped the bathroom floor with self-leveling cement prior to the floor tile installation.

Whatever choice you make for shower replacement or bathroom tile installation update Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company will install your tile with careful attention to all surfaces and details. Our 40 years of tile installation and bathroom remodeling experience is applied to all of the projects that we contract with for a safe, secure and beautiful shower replacement & shower installation.



Just a few of the Tile showrooms that will inspire!!


Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.

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