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One of the best selling waterproofing systems available is the Schluter-Kerdi membrane. Coupled with our cement poured method the results are a water tight shower pan installation
Schluter-Kerdi Shower Pan Littleton, CO

Once the cement has had the time to cure we can apply the waterproofing membrane to the shower floor and walls.

In this project Schluter/Kerdi membrane was selected.There are many types of membranes that work very well in creating a water tight seal for most shower pan installations. One reason why we use Schluter-Kerdi membranes so much is not only their proven reliability but also the availability.

Most big box stores sell Schluter products these days which helps when (for whatever reason) we can readily purchase when at a distant location from our main supplier.

The membrane is applied with Schluter ALL-SET "a specialized modified thinset mortar which has been engineered for use both under and over all DITRA and KERDI products".

The shower pan tile selected for the shower floor is a 1x1 inch sheet tile of glass and travertine.
Shower Pan Installation Littleton, CO

After we water(flood) test the shower pan for no leaks the tile installer can install the tile.

As a contrast to the wall tile the homeowner selected a travertine and glass sheet tile.

Sheet tiles are recommended with these types of shower drains where we want the water to drain from all angles.

We could have installed a linear drain which would have allowed for installing larger tiles however, at this point and experience with what was installed before, the homeowner decided to go with a standard 4' drain frame and cut out the added expense of a linear drain.

The homeowner was fortunate that he was able to find matching wall tile. As for the shower floor, really any tile could be installed. Here he found a travertine and glass 1 inch sheet tile which added to the install.
Shower Pan Replacement Littleton, CO

Over all we were able to seamlessly match the existing tile (which is not always possible) and after the grout dried lighter no one would be able to recognize that this shower had just gone through major surgery.

Here's what our client had to say about this shower pan replacement project otherwise known as "A Shower Pan of Pain" for him and me.

James D of Littleton, CO 80123

"Tony was a pleasure to work with, and did an amazing job!

We had recently purchased a home, and found that our basement shower pan was leaking badly.

After working tirelessly for 2 days to remove 5 inches of concrete, Tony replaced the bottom row of tile and completely rebuilt and tiled the shower pan.

He explained and walked us through each step, and tested it to ensure it would not leak.

Most other contractors wanted to charge us an exorbitant amount of money to replace the entire shower.

So glad we went with Tony, as it was like a quarter of the price, and you can't even tell that it's not the original pan (actually looks way better now).

Would definitely call and hire Tony again! Thanks Tony"!

If you have your own version of "A Shower Pan of Pain" give us a call we are your Shower Pan Replacement Experts.

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