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Steam Shower Installation Longmont, CO

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A Steam Shower Installation?

We make it easy!

Steam Shower Contractor 

Longmont, CO Steam Shower Company

Action Shower Pan is a Tile Contractor that specializes in steam shower installation. We will custom build your new steam shower according to your specifications.

We remodel showers and convert tubs into walk-in showers with or without shower curbs. 

Here's the process:

  • DEMO WORK - We will demo your existing shower or bathtub down to the studs and sub-floor. 

  • FRAMING - Next, we will do the framing necessary to enlarge your new shower to accommodate a shower bench and a pitched ceiling.

  • INSULATION - We will insulate (if necessary) the walls and ceiling to make sure that your new shower will retain the heat.

  • PLUMBING - ELECTRICAL The next steps to be taken. The steam unit must have a dedicated line to power the unit and an exhaust fan will need to be installed and vented outside. The new shower drain most often needs to be moved to compensate for the shower bench. The shower valves and plumbing are installed.

  • WALLBOARD - SHOWER PAN INSTALLATION All of the shower pans that we install are cement poured. 

  • WATERPROOFING - This step in one of the most critical aspects of a steam shower installation project. We trust one of the most reliable and functional membranes on the market today. Schluter-Kerdi.

  • TILE INSTALLATION - Most tiles sold today can be used in a steam shower however your best choice would be a non-porous tile such as Porcelain, Ceramic, or Glass tiles.

  • GLASS DOORS - We don't install but we know a lot who do!

  • Denver Glass Interiors - L & L Glass - ASAP Glass



With all of the stress that each and every one of us faces nowadays coming home to a relaxing session of steam and bliss is a very good source of stress relief. More and more people are making it a point to budget for a steam shower installation.

WHAT STEAM UNIT SHOULD I PURCHASE? - When selecting your steam unit do the research. Some who have invested their money for a bathroom renovation have made the mistake of purchasing a lower-end steam unit only to not be able to use the steam shower until the unit can be fixed. If it can be fixed. And finding the right people to service your unit is a subject in itself. Some Steam Generator Options to consider - THERMASOL - KOHLER - STEAMIST

WILL A WINDOW WORK IN A STEAM SHOWER? - Yes, it is possible. As long as your window is a double-pane window. Most newer homes do have double pane. No heat out and no cold in.

IS INSULATION OF THE STEAM SHOWER NECESSARY? - Yes, especially when the walls or ceiling is an exterior wall. Insulation ensures that the heat remains in the shower and doesn't escape outside and guards against a cold chill coming in.

WHAT ABOUT A SMALL SHOWER, CAN A BENCH BE BUILT? - That's a tough one. After all, you need to sit down to relax while in the steamer. One option is to build a corner seat in the shower. Or buying a folding seat to save space.

Longmont Steam Shower Installer

Steam shower custom built includes a raised shower bench, hand held shower head, and shower rack recessed shampoo niche extremely cool!!

Longmont Steam Showers

Custom Steam showers built and waterproofed by Action Shower Pan.Com

Longmont Steam Shower Installer

Steam shower installer with over 40 years experience and excellent references. Action Shower Pan.Com

Longmont Steam Shower Installation

Custom steam shower installation begins by removing the existing walls and shower pan. To the studs and sub-floor.

Longmont Steam Shower Expert

Custom steam shower units can be place in an adjacent closet to the shower or a shower bench can be built to house the steam unit. Action Shower Pan.Com

Longmont Custom Steam Showers

Steam showers custom made to order by Action Shower Pan.Com Shower is covered with tile backer board, in this case wonderboard cement board

Longmont Schluter Steam Shower

Steam shower waterproofed with Schluter/Kerdi membrane which is applied to ALL services of the steam shower. Action Shower Pan.Com

Longmont Steam Shower Pan Installer

Steam shower pan installation. Once the Schluter shower drain is installed a slurry of thinset is applied to the durrock underlayment prior to the cement pour. Action Shower Pan.Com

Longmont cement poured shower pan

Cement poured pans are trowel worked using dry pack mud for greater control to assure proper drainage to the shower drain at the ratio of 1/4" per ft. Action Shower Pan.Com

Longmont Schluter Shower Pan

Schluter shower pan is filled with water and tested for leaks before the tile is installed to the shower floor. Action Shower Pan.Com

Longmont Tile Shower Pan

The next step is to install the tile directly to the Schluter/Kerdi shower pan and grout. Action Shower Pan.Com

Longmont Shower Tile Installer

The tile installer will start with walls and ceiling leaving the shower pan last to be tiled allowing for the cement to cure properly. Action Shower Pan.Com

Longmont Shower Tile Installation

This steam shower features a custom bench the houses the steam unit and a recess niche to hold shampoo and soap


Just a few of the Plumbing Supply Showrooms 


Name Brands include:

STEAM GENERATORS - Thermasol, Kohler, Steamist




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