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#1 Shower Installation Denver, CO & Cities Near By
Best Shower Installation Company

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Expert Shower Installation Company Denver, CO

We remodel & and renovate showers including 

tub-to-shower conversion with or without shower curbs for easy walk-in showers or wheel-chair access.

ADA-compliant shower installation is also an offered service. 

Denver Shower Installation

Denver Shower Installation Contractor

Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company is a

tile installation contractor that specializes in custom shower installation services near and far, for residential bathroom remodeling and new construction.

We have over 40 years of expert shower installation experience. We draw on our bathroom remodeling when working on a shower installation project that includes custom tile installation.

If you're thinking about a bathroom shower update? Call me! Our shower installation crew is near by and ready to work. Many of our clients are looking to convert their bathtub or soaking tub to a walk-in shower. Shower installation projects are trending high in today's bathroom remodeling boom.

The most popular tiles being installed in showers are porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. And no wonder, porcelain tile is the best and is a power player in today's home improvement designs because of its versatility and almost indestructible qualities. Like me, many professional tile pros have the same opinion. Porcelain tile is non-porous in a wet area and is also the main reason that porcelain tile is tops for shower installation jobs.

Unlike porcelain tile, ceramic tile has been the best and most popular tile for thousands of years and will always remain a favorite with homeowners, designers, and me, your tile pro. Glass tile and Marble tile can be considered classic design options and should not be discounted when considering your shower installation project. These shower tiles are available near and far mostly being in stock at tile suppliers like

Floor Decor


Shower installation technology has advanced so much that there should no longer be a problem common to shower installations in the past. What's the problem? LEAKING SHOWER PANS Yes, this is unfortunately still encountered in the present day despite modern advancement in the shower installation trade. This is a big problem for me and you. 

Therefore when installing a tile shower make sure to do the basic things that will prevent water leaks to the shower that will cause major structural damage if left to persist. We're near to help!

With 40 years of repairing and replacing showers in Denver, CO we apply what we know works best for a watertight shower installation. Here's an example of a waterproof shower installation.

Denver Shower Installation Experts

Shower Installation Denver,CO
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Why should tile be your first choice when considering a shower installation update? Tile offers a unique look that no other surface material can match. This means that tile adds true value to your shower installation project that no other substitute material can.

To me, tile is the best option and we're near and ready to help.

Here are some FAQs people ask me regarding a shower installation with tile:

Isn't it hard to clean and maintain the grout in a shower stall? No! Today's grout is far ahead of the old grouts used in times past. That doesn't mean that those older tile grouts are not sold in stores near you today. Most people are not aware of the grout advancement in technology and are not familiar with the limitations of some of the grouts sold. Yet, there are tile grouts that are the best and far above the rest by being colorfast, mold growth prohibitive, and never needing sealing because of their stain-resistant capabilities.


Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA fits in this category and is far ahead of the competition. If there was a "holy grail" of grout, this would come to be pretty close to it and to me, the best choice for you to make.

Will converting my bathtub to a walk-in shower hurt the reselling value of my home? - No! The reason why many people decide on a tub-to-shower conversion and have made this option so very popular today is because of the ease of access for those of us who are becoming limited in mobility. Also cleaning a walk-in shower is much easier to maintain and fits the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern family. I have found that many people are also opting for a steam shower installation for relaxing instead of a soaking or jetted tub.

What is an ideal size for a walk-in shower? - Well, if you are going to convert your bathtub to a walk-in shower your dimensions for your new shower installation will be the same if not a little more than the existing bathtub which is about 32-34 inches by 60 inches. Today that has become the standard size shower that most households have. Because of these dimensions, most people will add a shower bench or will opt for shower heads on both sides of the shower for more than one person showering at a time. 

Does my shower need a shower door? Not necessarily. It depends on the design of the shower and how well-insulated the bathroom is. Some showers will just have a glass panel while other showers will have a partition wall. One thing to remember when considering a shower door or not is that a shower door helps to keep the heat in and the cold chill out.

10 Steps To Follow For a Finished Shower Installation

Planning Your Shower Installation

Deciding to update your shower with a custom tile installation, to me, is the best decision you can make. There is no other shower surface that can compare to the look of a shower installation that is tiled.


Tile prices range from very expensive to very affordable. Offering surfaces and details in design for an old-world charm to modern contemporary appeal. Tile is readily in stock and can be located near and far, in stock or online, domestically made or imported.

From the demo work in Step #1 through the shower door installation in Step #10 our shower installation team in Denver and cities near by will work hard and make sure each step is followed with your approval. Call or text me if you would like to set up an appointment.

 Tile Design Showrooms

Just a few of the tile showrooms near me and you, that will inspire your shower installation.


Daltile Design Center

Crossville Studios

Floor and Decor

Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.

Customer Review

Maxine P


Loved Tony's work. He is a very efficient and very clean worker. I love the two-bathroom showers that he has done in my home. I am also going to hire him again to do my kitchen tile. He works in a timely manner so he is in and out of your hair in no time. He does wonderful cleanup work and protects everything. He is also a great guy to talk to and he listens to what you are requesting and does the job the way YOU want it done while giving you his professional advice.

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