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Best Porcelain Tile Installers Denver CO & Cities Near By

Tile Installation is our Business and We Tile It Your Way!

Porcelain tile has become the top-selling tile in the Denver, Colorado area and across the nation. Porcelain tile has worldwide appeal and has advanced manufacturing technology to the point that even seasoned professional Denver tile installers can be fooled at first sight if the tile is natural stone tiles or not.

Porcelain Tile Shower Installation Company

As I mentioned, the production technology of porcelain tile has advanced to the point that the tile installer needs to follow the same installation technique for installing real marble tile and natural stone.

The tile installation method includes first laying out the tile to make sure that the vein pattern of the tile will flow as occurs in nature. This does take some time to sort through. You can't just throw it up the wall and hope for the best. An experienced tile crew working together can make sure of the best-looking pattern direction especially when turning corners of the walls and shower benches and recessed shampoo niches.

Our Denver tile installers are taught that no tile installation can proceed without the homeowners' approval. We work along with our clients to make sure that the tile layout meets their expectations for how they see the tile pattern going for the space that we are working in and working together on the project the tile installer will match up the tile pattern as close as possible to the natural marble pattern.

This next example of a porcelain shower installation has a tile pattern much different from the first shower that I showed you. As in nature, no stone is completed the same since it is cut out of the earth at different locations and different environments to achieve its very distinctive look. And like everything we find in nature, there is great variety in everything we see around us.

Since there is no real vein pattern to follow the tile installers will first measure the size of the back wall of the shower from left to right and top to bottom.

Then will lay out the tile on a bedroom floor or garage, anywhere there is space to work in and along with the homeowners' direction, The tile crew can map out where the recessed shampoo niche and the shower bench will go and text the clients' pictures for their feedback.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash for Denver, CO

This basement apartment was recently finished with new kitchen cabinets and includes porcelain tile for the backsplash. The countertops are quartz and the cabinet design is contemporary and modern. So this tile selection is a nice contrast offering the feel of old-world charm. He was inspired by the floor installation that we installed which was in a herringbone pattern. I believe the floor

tile is an 8x12 porcelain tile. The Kitchen backsplash is a subway tile and includes 2 distinct tile patterns. the tile is set in a brick pattern or running bond pattern. Beginning with a full tile at the countertop and continuing the running bond pattern under the top cabinets and floating shelves.

These new kitchen cabinets feature a white quartz countertop and floating shelves and meshes well with the aged looking porcelain tile floor
Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets with Porcelain Tile Flooring

We stand the next roll of tile vertically and proceed with the same herringbone pattern up to the ceiling.

Here's a picture of the kitchen after the cabinets were installed. He originally was only going to install maybe one or two rolls of tile. He loved the look of the floor tile so much he decided to get the kitchen walls installed.

Porcelain Floor Tile Installation Contractor Denver, CO

this porcelain tile looks worn down and feels like a cobble stone floor which adds to the old-world charm of this particular tile installation
Porcelain Tile Floor in a Herringbone tile Pattern

This porcelain floor tile installation is made to look aged and weathered which is an appealing contrast to the contemporary modern-style kitchen cabinets the homeowner had installed.

TILE TIP for the DIY'er: Whenever you are tiling a floor that is on a concrete slab it is a good or any substrate really, make sure not to install the tile directly to the concrete. It is recommended to first install a floor underlayment to act as a crack isolation barrier between the tile and substrate. This will help keep the tile intact and prevent any future cracks to the slab from coming through the new tile that is installed. It is also very important to wipe down the concrete with a damp sponge just before you spread the thin-set on the floor so that the concrete does not dry out the moisture from the thin-set you will be combing on the floor which can prevent proper adhesion between the tile and underlayment.

The upward trend for using large porcelain tile panels for bathroom and shower remodeling projects continues to climb as more and more of these tiles are made available.
Steam Shower with Large Porcelain Tile Panels

Large Porcelain Tile Panels

Large porcelain tile panels are and have been in an upward trend for some time now and are readily available in the Denver metro areas at tile suppliers such as Floor & Decor. They have taken over the home residential market for the simple fact the tiles they are selling are there at the showroom and ready to go home.

When other retailers began to carry fewer in-stock tiles and order online with a 2 to 3-week delivery date, Floor & Decor took the bull by the horns and stepped into the void to become the retail tile supplier of choice.

If you are interested in tiling your home project using porcelain tile I want to offer a word of caution. All porcelain tile will need to be back-buttered before you adhere it to the wall, floor, tub, or shower.

Only use a thinset that is specifically designed to adhere to porcelain tile. This is required when installing the large tiles on steam shower ceilings. You would not like one of these to fall off the ceiling. The challenge of setting porcelain tile on a steam shower ceiling is cure time. But I'll leave that topic for another blog post.

If you are interested in a quote for our porcelain tile installer services visit our website

or call, or text at 303-736-9815


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