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This Lakewood, Co steam shower by Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company is a work still in progress. Allot goes into building these steam showers and it is always helpful when the homeowners have a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish.

This shower had just enough room to add a bench. This really was not a problem. The problem was a glass door, would it have enough room to open and close because of the toilet location
Lakewood Shower to Steam Shower Conversion

This is how the shower looked before construction. The Homeowner knew that the bathroom footprint was pretty limited, but just enough space could be expanded on by eliminating the shelves adjacent to the shower.

With limited space in this Lakewood shower there was just enough room to add a shower bench. The low ceiling is ideal for a steam shower
Shower to Steam Shower conversion before

One of the things that we talked about and the questioned asked was "Will there be room enough for a built-in bench"? Yes! However, another question arose as we conversed about the bench. Will there be room for a door to swing open with the toilet so close to the shower. That was the question.

The walls and ceiling are all insulated. With the tile backer installed all of the seams and inside corners are waterproofed and sealed before tiling. The steam generator is placed within the shower bench with access form the adjacent closet.
Steam Shower Backer Board Installation

The built-in shower bench needed to be large enough to house the steam generator also had to have enough room on top to sit comfortably and also had to be deep enough to allow the shower door to open. The minimum depth is 15" for comfort. After all, the new steam shower will be a place to relax and unwind.

The tile installation always begins with the walls and ceiling giving the cement shower pan the needed time to fully cure. Then the tile is installed to the shower floor and bottom roll of tile is cut to fit on top.
Tiled Shower Pan Lakewood, Co

Shower pan is tiled with porcelain sheet mounted tile purchased at Floor & Decor. Stay tuned for Part 2 as we look to finish the tile installation and grouting. Shower doors will next be measured and custom made from a professional glass company and we will let you know hopefully in part 2. In most cases, there is a 2-week turnaround from the time the shower doors are measured, but with this crazy year, 3 weeks has become the norm in some cases.

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