Shower Pan Installer
This shower pan features a linear drain by Schluter-Kerdi and is tiled with a natural stone marble tile. The shower pan is cement poured with dry pack cement and sloped to the drain at 1/4' p/ft
Tile Installer
Tile Installer-Bathroom Remodeler. Classic master bathroom floor plan with shower bathtub combo. The bathroom is tiled with porcelain tile, and natural stone tile.
Steam Shower Installer
Steam shower tile installation with porcelain tile and glass tiles.
The steam shower is waterproofed with Schluter-Kerdi waterproof membrance with a cement poured shower pan.
Walk-in Shower
Bathroom Remodel with ceramic tile installation for the walk-in shower
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Colorado Springs

Tile Installers

Our tile installers work hard to make sure that your bathroom, kitchen, or floor tiling project turns out the way you want it to.

For example; we don't start to install tile unless we layout the pattern of the tile job for your approval.


That's what truly counts for us. Your input is the most important opinion that matters. 

"We tile it YOUR way!!!"

Tile Installers-Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs shower pan repair and tile installation


Welcome to our Colorado Springs tile installers service webpage. We are featuring the latest in shower pan repair technology and steam shower waterproofing for a no-leak mold-free shower installation.


The gallery above shows the Schluter/Kerdi shower liner being installed for a watertight shower installation that will last for the life of the shower.


Applications also include no curb showers for easy wheelchair entrance and ADA compliant convenience. Many homeowners

are also converting their bathtubs to shower stalls and our

tile installers build and frame showers to your dimensions.


WE FIX LEAKING SHOWERS. Don't delay. As soon as you notice water around the shower and adjoining walls call for an inspection to minimize further damage.

Shower Tile Installers


The historic and honored trade of today's modern and technically skilled tile installer is a story that many individuals including (many tile installers themselves) and the general public do not even consider as a whim of thought. It is a story that has gone unnoticed for many years without recognition from the "general public" point of view.

The trade of the "tile installer" obviously is not readily on the public mind nor on the agenda in daily living as say a "musician", "politician, "actor", "preacher", "dentist", doctor", PLUMBER. However, that is until a need arises.

What is that need? The need varies as the world turns.


Think back to the ancients. As an example think Egypt. 
The ancient Egyptians left a historic legacy in architectural works that most revere and at least acknowledge as ancient "wonders of the world". And along with that legacy the skilled craftsman "the tile installer" was there.

Amazingly the work of these tile installers still exist and is a testament to their long-honored trade down to this day. The day of modern technological advancement. 

Yet with all of today's advancements, it is exactly what was done in the past that is implemented now, in the future. The present as we know it. Yes, the trade that so many tile installers take part in every day is a trade that is rich with history.

What is considered as "new" techniques for the modern tile installer, is really today's adaption of what tile installers practiced thousands of years ago?

In conclusion to the question I asked at the outset of this article "Tile installers a trade of the ages"? It is clear that we as a trade are thought of when a need arises. To be thought of is indeed something of worth. Herein lies the history of the trade. As long as people exist on the face of the earth there will always be a need for a master-craftsman tile installer. 

It is this rich history, the pride of a job done well, the acknowledgment of not only the practical value of the tile installers trade but the appreciation of the artistic aspect of the trade that today's tile installers hopefully strive to succeed with each installation project that they are involved with.

In my case (Action shower Pan) this history acknowledgment fills me with pride in the long line of master-craftsmen whose footsteps I have followed the past 40 years. It's what motivates me as a tile installer to do the very best tile installation for every project that I am involved with. Whether the tile job is a kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor tile installation, shower tile renovation, I strive to exert my efforts as one of Denver's premier tile installers.