This shower installation project was just recently completed.

The bathroom is located in the basement of this Lakewood 80232 rental property and the shower pan leak had been neglected for several years. Yet the property had minimal structural water damage. The property owner dodged a bullet.

The only damage that occurred to the structure was wood rot to the bottom plate surrounding the shower pan which was removed and replaced with pressure-treated 2x4 studs.

The tile and grout were purchased at Floor & Decor at a bargain price to the pocketbook.

The shower pan installation is cement poured and waterproofed with Schluter-Kerdi membrane and water floor tested before the tile installation begins.

Shower Tile Installation

This project had budget constraints that did not allow for the complete removal of the walls and the installation of new plumbing fixtures.

With most projects, we are not able to do this because the water damage is so extensive we literally have to build from top to bottom.

However, on this project the water damage was so minimal we didn't have a problem with leaving the walls in place after replacing the damaged bottom plates of the shower stall.

Shower Pan Replacement Lakewood,CO

Shower Pan Replacement Lakewood,CO

This shower was installed without a shower pan and surprisingly held up for quite a few years without major structural damage. However It was leaking like there was no tomorrow.

Lakewood Shower Pan Repair

Lakewood Shower Pan Repair

The water damage done was minimal as compared to other projects that I have worked on. Here we see that the shower curb is soaked. The worst of the damage was the bottom plate surrounding the shower pan. These were replaced with pressure treated 2x4 studs.

Shower Pan Drain Lakewood, CO

Shower Pan Drain Lakewood, CO

We had to replace the old cast iron drain so that we could fit the new ABS Schluter drain to the pipe. Here the tile installer is cutting off the old p-trap.

Shower Drain Fix in Lakewood, CO

Shower Drain Fix in Lakewood, CO

Here's a good look at the old cast iron p-trap which was connected to the sewer line. There was not a lot of evidence that this pipe was not functioning. The ground underneath the concrete was relatively dry. The problem was no shower pan which allowed the water to run into the adjacent rooms.

Shower Installation Lakewood CO

Shower Installation Lakewood CO

This shower installation was on a tight budget. we remove the fiber glass wall panels only and applied 2 coats of liquid rubber to the walls which were in excellent shape. We did remove 12 inches of the bottom wallboard that had been damaged by the water and replaced those sections with cement tile backer board.

Shower Tile Installation Lakewood, CO

Shower Tile Installation Lakewood, CO

The old shower valves remained installed since there was no issues with them and the back side can be accessed to the valves for future replacement if necessary. The tile installed is a budget friendly ceramic subway tile purchased from Floor & Decor.

Shower Pan Installers Lakewood, CO

Shower Pan Installers Lakewood, CO

Since we had to break through the concrete to remove the old shower p-trap we had the opportunity to move and center the new drain relatively speaking. The shower pan is cement poured with the new Schluter-Kerdi membrane applied on top.(not pictured here)

Shower Tile Installation Lakewood, CO

Shower Tile Installation Lakewood, CO

Those in the trade will recognize the Schluter drain installed. 99% of our shower pans are waterproofed with this system. even on budget tight projects like this. The tile shower pan is also from Floor and Decor and is very inexpensive ceramic sheet tile that brings value to the project. I set the shower curb tile cross ways along the curb because, it gives contrast to the tile design and there are no splinter cuts along the top of the curb because of this tile layout.



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