TILE INSTALLER Littleton, Colorado

Shower Pan Installer
This shower pan features a linear drain by Schluter-Kerdi and is tiled with a natural stone marble tile. The shower pan is cement poured with dry pack cement and sloped to the drain at 1/4' p/ft
Tile Installer
Tile Installer-Bathroom Remodeler. Classic master bathroom floor plan with shower bathtub combo. The bathroom is tiled with porcelain tile, and natural stone tile.
Steam Shower Installer
Steam shower tile installation with porcelain tile and glass tiles.
The steam shower is waterproofed with Schluter-Kerdi waterproof membrance with a cement poured shower pan.
Walk-in Shower
Bathroom Remodel with ceramic tile installation for the walk-in shower
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Littleton, Colorado

Did you know that Littleton got it's kick start back with the Pike's Peak Gold rush of 1859!

Not all who came out here were


prospectors. Many were merchants on in particular was an engineer from New Hampshire by the name of Richard Sullivan Little and his wife Angeline. From a small start to rapid expansion Littleton remains the place in all of our hearts.  

Littleton Tile Installer

Tile Installers-Littleton, CO

Littleton shower pan repair and tile installation


Welcome to our Parker, CO tile installers service webpage. We are featuring the latest in shower pan repair technology and steam shower waterproofing for a no-leak mold-free shower installation.


The gallery above shows the Schluter/Kerdi shower liner being installed for a watertight shower installation that will last for the life of the shower.


Applications also include no curb showers for easy wheelchair entrance and ADA compliant convenience. Many homeowners

are also converting their bathtubs to shower stalls and our

tile installers build and frame showers to your dimensions.


WE FIX LEAKING SHOWERS. Don't delay. As soon as you notice water around the shower and adjoining walls call for an inspection to minimize further damage.


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