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TILE INSTALLER ENGLEWOOD-Porcelain-Natural Stone Tile 



Custom Porcelain-Glass-Marble-Ceramic Tile Installation


Action Shower Pan has 40 years of tile installer, remodel, and new construction experience for any tile project you may have in mind.


We work directly with Homeowners, Contractors, and Designers. We also accept sub-contract projects to help you meet your tile installation deadline.


We specialize in custom cement poured shower pans to any size and work with a variety of tiles from around the world including porcelain, ceramic, and glass tile. Natural stone tiles such as marble, granite, slate, and travertine tiles.

We also will contract to install your shower pan only.


Tile installers for all types of projects including bathroom remodeling installation of heated floors and waterproof membranes for steam shower units.


All tile installer services are available along the front range. Check our service areas and call for an inspection or quote. 


Englewood Tile Installer



As a bathroom tile installer and custom bathroom remodeler, I enjoy working on a tile project that is unique.

The homeowner for the tile work below was a joy to work for and had a lot of design ideas that I could appreciate. I wanted to make sure that the tile installation was exactly what they had envisioned so before any tile was installed I laid the tile out first before I began the tile installation.


We didn't do the plumbing work on this one but we do offer plumbing services for our customer bathroom remodeling projects. The shower pan had been leaking so the homeowners decided that it would be a good time to update their master bathroom. By the time we were on the scene for the bathroom tile installation all of the plumbing work was already done.


We were able to expand the shower a little bit for more elbow room and a footrest. As you can tell from the pictures posted the bathroom below was tiled with a porcelain tile that the homeowner purchased from Floor & Decor.

Floor & Decor have really cornered the tile market by stocking an abundance of tile on hand and marketing not only to the local tile installer and tile contractor but also to make unique and custom tiles available to the public and at the same prices that the independent tile installer would pay for. That's right folks no discount for us, we pay the same price you pay. And the vast majority of people agree, The tile and flooring selection is big and the prices are small!

How much is too much?  Over the years as a tile installer, I have been asked that question on numerous tile projects and really I think that it is safe to say that the mentality of a tile installer is tile everything!

Of course "that's not happening with most people. In this tile job, they had it in the budget to tile the entire shower and tub walls combo wrapping the tile into the window and tub deck.

I thought they came up with a great tile installation plan for their master bathroom update. Bathroom flooring was also purchased at Floor & Decor. With a wood plank porcelain tile that was set in an offset random pattern. The tile installer made sure that none of the grout joints lined up giving it the same effect when a wood floor is installed.



If you're interested in our tile installer services give us a call or email your project to us and we will do the rest. We'll

be in touch to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a realistic quote so that you will be able to lock down your tile installation project budget.

Englewood Shower Pan Installer

We cement pour all of the shower pans that we work on for our bathroom remodel jobs. Once the cement is cured for a minimum of 72 hours the tile installer will apply Schluter-Kerdi membrane that is installed on top of the cement.

Englewood Shower Pan Tile Installation

The shower pan tile is a mosaic natural stone tile that is installed directly to the shower pan membrane

Englewood Bathroom Remodeling

This master bathroom remodeling project features porcelain tile installation and a recess shampoo niche

Englewood Bathroom Remodeler

Denshield is installed to the shower walls and cement is poured for the shower pan and tub deck

Englewood Shower Tile Installer

The seam in the shower are taped using Kerdi-band. This will not allow the water to get behind the tile work and will also act as a crack isolation barrier.

Englewood Tile Installer

After all of the seams are taped off the tile installation proceeds. The shower niche back wall is tiled with the same natural stone tile that the tile installer uses for the shower pan.

Englewood Bathroom Tile Installation

The existing master bathtub remains for this remodel and will be tiled on the tub deck and walls surrounding tub.

Englewood Tile Installation

The tile installers set the porcelain tile from the top of the tub deck up to the ceiling tiling the pattern into the shower. The tub face and tub deck are tiled and the window is wrapped with tile. Schluter metal edges finish the tile installation.

Englewood Bathroom Tile Installer

A towel rack is centered with the tub. When drilling into porcelain tile you will need a hammer drill and a porcelain tile drill bit.

Englewood Floor Tile Installation

The bathroom floor underlayment is installed and the porcelain plank tile is dry fitted before the tile installation begins for the best fit. Tile is cut in place before it is installed.

Englewood Floor Tile Installer

The floor tile installation is set in a pattern that has the grout joints running in a random pattern. The grout joints do not match anywhere on the floor pattern.

Englewood Flooring Contractor

The floor tile is grouted and finished at the bathroom entry door running across the floor tile pattern acting like a threshold


Just a few of the Tile showrooms that will inspire!!


Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.



Thanks! Message sent.

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