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Steam Shower Installation Greeley, Co


A Steam Shower or Steam Room Installation project?

We make it easy!

Take advantage of our FREE ONLINE ESTIMATES Just give us a call or send an email describing your steam shower project and we will do the rest.


We'll return your call and have a realistic estimate for you to plan your budget. 


Included is a custom tile installation and cement poured shower pan for any size and shape shower renovation or new installation

Steam Shower Installers Greeley,Co

Steam Shower Contractor-Greeley, Colorado Steam Room Installation & Steam Showers

Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company is a Tile Contractor that specializes in steam shower & steam room installation and offering steam shower installation for residential remodels and new construction in Greeley, Co.

We offer our customers a reliable luxury steam shower installation service with top-of-the-line products and waterproofing membranes so you will get the most effective, reliable, trustworthy, and no-leak steam showers, steam rooms, and shower pans.


As the technology for steam generators has evolved and the advancement of vapor-proofing membranes for steam rooms and steam showers, residential steam showers are growing in popularity a trend that a large number of homeowners are budgeting for their upcoming bathroom renovations. 

A luxury steam room or steam shower can add healthful, relaxing components to your bathroom as a luxurious alternative to a regular shower. Get started on your bathroom project by exploring the advantages of a steam shower in your bathroom today. Custom Tile installation included!  

We will custom build your new steam room or steam shower according to your specifications.

We remodel & renovate showers including tub to shower conversion with or without shower curbs for easy walk-in showers or wheel-chair access.

ADA compliant shower installation also an offered service. 

Here's the process:

  • DEMO WORK - We will demo your existing shower or bathtub down to the studs and sub-floor. 

  • FRAMING - Next, we will do the framing necessary to enlarge your new shower to accommodate a shower bench and a pitched ceiling.

  • INSULATION - We will insulate (if necessary) the walls and ceiling to make sure that your new shower will retain the heat.

  • PLUMBING - ELECTRICAL The next steps to be taken. The steam unit must have a dedicated 240v line to power the unit and an exhaust fan will need to be installed and vented outside. The new shower drain most often needs to be moved to compensate for the shower bench. The shower valves and plumbing are installed.

  • WALLBOARD - SHOWER PAN INSTALLATION All of the shower pans that we install are cement poured with the correct tile backer board.

  • WATERPROOFING - This step is the most critical aspect of a steam shower installation project. We only install the most reliable and tested membranes on the market today. Like Laticrete Hydro Ban and Schluter-Kerdi.

  • TILE INSTALLATION - Most tiles sold today can be used in a steam shower however your best choice would be a non-porous tile such as Porcelain, Ceramic, or Glass tiles.

  • GLASS DOORS - We can install glass doors depending on the opening of the steam room or steam shower entrance. In most cases, a custom glass door needs to be cut and installed by a glass company such as-

  • Denver Glass Interiors - L & L Glass - ASAP Glass



It is increasingly important to schedule time to relax at home, as most of us today are experiencing different levels of stress from our daily lives. More and more people are adding a steam shower to their bathroom upgrade as a stress relief factor. We are experts in steam shower installation.

WHAT STEAM UNIT SHOULD I PURCHASE? - Research your options when picking a steam unit. The mistake some have made in renovating their bathroom is to buy a lower-quality steam unit only to regret it later, when the unit cannot be fixed.And finding the right people to service your unit is a subject in itself. Some Steam Generator Options to consider - THERMASOL - STEAMIST

WILL A WINDOW WORK IN A STEAM SHOWER? - Yes, it is possible. As long as your window is a double-pane window. Most newer homes do have double pane. No heat out and no cold in.

IS INSULATION OF THE STEAM SHOWER NECESSARY? - Yes, especially when the walls or ceiling is an exterior wall. Insulation ensures that the heat remains in the shower and doesn't escape outside and guards against a cold chill coming in.

WHAT ABOUT A SMALL SHOWER, CAN A BENCH BE BUILT? - I can think of a few options. For starters, you can build a seat in the shower corner, which would make things easier for you. Another option would be to buy a foldable seat to save space. Or just use a chair with your steam sessions. 

Greeley Shower Installation

This view of the bathroom clearly shows how little space there is there with only a toilet and a small vanity

Greeley Bathroom Remodeling

The view from the former closet entrance to the shower valve wall can be seen from this photo.

Greeley Shower Pan Removal

There is a closet to the left of the torn-out shower pan. The shower has been enlarged in the past by moving it forward. Now we're making it wider.

Greeley Shower Pan Installers

This photo shows a penny tile installation on the shower pan. Here is also a bird's eye view of the folding shower seat during steam sessions.

Greeley Custom Steam Shower

We are framing a wall in the bedroom and also adding another shower head on the new shower wall after the closet doors are removed.

Greeley Tile Shower

It is possible to fold up the bench when not in use, which permits two people to enjoy a shower at the same time.

Greeley Tile Installers

Installed in a horizontal brick pattern, the porcelain tile is carried on the shower ceiling in the same pattern.

Greeley Steam Shower Installers

An excellent look at the framing we used for the shampoo shelves and the half wall constructed for the new entrance into the shower.

Greeley Shower Tile Installer

In order to ensure that no slivers of tile are installed, especially around the shampoo shelves, we plan the tile layout for the installation ahead of time.

Greeley Steam Shower

After the tile installation is complete, the shiplap can be reinstalled behind the toilet and along the exterior edge of the shower entrance.


Our tile installation services are offered for all Showers, kitchens, bathrooms, floors, vanities, and kitchen backsplashes.

Materials installed are porcelain, ceramic, glass tile, marble, mosaic tile installation

Steam Room Installation Greeley, Co
Steam Shower Installation Greeley, Co


It doesn't matter what type of tile you choose or what size you use, any of it will work for either a steam room or steam shower tile installation, however, the heat efficiency of each tile may differ due to the fact that some tiles are more porous than other tiles that will be installed for your bathroom shower installation project.


Porcelain is the most efficient tile with respect to retaining heat, followed again by ceramic and glass tiles.  It is also possible to install natural stone but will need more maintenance due to the need to seal the stone every year or two depending on how frequently the steam unit is used. However, for a large steam room or steam shower, it may be wiser to select a non-porous tile as mentioned.   

The steam shower featured is a 13x24 porcelain wall tile that is set horizontally with the grout lines matching in straight lines. The ceiling and shower floor are tiled with natural stone tiles. Because the steam shower is smaller than most showers the minimum use of stone tiles mainly on the ceiling does not affect the efficiency of the steam generator whereas a larger unit could be affected in a negative way.

Whatever choice you make for your steam room or steam shower installation update Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company will install your tile with careful attention to all surfaces and details. Our 40 years of tile installation and bathroom remodeling experience is applied to all of the projects that we contract with for a safe, secure and beautiful steam room & shower installation.



Just a few of the Tile showrooms that will inspire!!


Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.





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