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Would you like to update your bathroom or shower? You can count on us.

We are often contacted by clients who are interested in converting their old shower tub combo into a curbless walk-in steam shower. With bathroom remodeling on the rise, steam shower installation projects are on the rise as well.

Large-format porcelain tile, porcelain tile panels, and porcelain tile slabs are the most popular tile used in showers throughout Europe and are steadily becoming the most popular choice for today's modern bathroom design.


With its versatility and almost indestructible qualities, porcelain tile is a power player in today's home improvement designs. Porcelain tile is also excellent in steam shower areas since it is non-porous.

Ceramic tile, however, will never lose its popularity with homeowners or designers. When planning your shower installation, you should not overlook glass tile or marble tile as classic design options. 

Yes, these materials can be installed in steam showers however maintenance should be factored in as these tiles will need to be maintained from mold growth and or fading in their finishes e.g. marble tile.

Shower installation technology has advanced so much that it no longer presents the same problems as in the past, yet the waterproofing application if done incorrectly will cause the same problems as in the past. And we still encounter it today regardless of advancements.

In order to prevent water leaks from causing major structural damage we make sure to take precautions when installing a waterproofing membrane or applying liquid waterproofing by allowing sufficient cure time for a tile shower installation that will not leak.

After 40 years of repairing and replacing showers, we know what works for a watertight shower tile installation.

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Large-format porcelain tile is ever increasing in design demand and for good reasons. Designers love the look of the expanse of these porcelain tile panels giving a modern look to today's kitchen and bathroom designs.

New technology has enabled porcelain manufacturers to now offer full-bodied tile panels with veining throughout the panel, tile, or slab.

Homeowners are in love with the new offerings of porcelain tile panels because there are fewer grout joints to maintain or no grout joints at all.

The homeowner has the choice of a tile panel that looks like natural stone without maintenance issues or a modern tile panel for a sleek modernist approach to the home bathroom or kitchen design.

Another benefit to the homeowner and the installer is less weight of the product making the handling and installation much easier than a very heavy natural stone slab. 


WALLS - It starts with walls that are plumbed, and flat. Installing porcelain tile slabs, panels, and large format tile requires applying mortar to the wall surface but also to the back of the tile itself.

In most installations, spacers are minimal or entirely unnecessary.

FLOORS - Floors need to be prepared and properly underlaid. A flat floor is a good floor. Also, the proper trowel size will help with securely installing the tile with no deflection or lack of adhesion. The floor tile installation will then meet weight tolerances to prevent premature cracking of the tile.




Does size really matter? In this case, it does. How so? Just consider the dimensions of a typical tub surround.

One of today's hottest trends is converting the ordinary bathtub into a walk-in shower.

Once the tub is removed we are left with the standard dimensions of the back wall at 60"x96" and side walls at 32"x96".

Porcelain tile panels or slabs range in size from 63"x 126" and 64" x 127" That means these large format tile panels can be installed with virtually no grout joints at all.

For many homeowners that's a huge advantage. Especially successful with steam shower installations.

Porcelain does not have the problem of mold growth as compared with natural stone or even ceramic tile in the shower.

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Customer Review

Maxine P


Loved Tony's work. He is a very efficient and very clean worker. I love the two-bathroom showers that he has done in my home. I am also going to hire him again to do my kitchen tile. He works promptly so he is in and out of your hair in no time. He does wonderful cleanup work and protects everything. He is also a great guy to talk to listens to what you are requesting and does the job the way YOU want it done while giving you his professional advice.

 Tile Design Showrooms

Just a few of the tile showrooms near you, that will inspire your shower installation.


Daltile Design Center

Crossville Studios

Floor and Decor

Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.

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Action Shower Pan & Steam Shower Company is a tile installation contractor that specializes in custom steam shower installation, shower pan replacement, installation, and repair.


We have over 40 years of tile installation experience. We draw on our installation experience when working as a bathroom remodeler. This allows us to be able to work on remodeling projects that involve more than being a tile installer.


Specialist in shower installation and bathtub to walk-in shower conversion with curbless entry. Our work as a kitchen remodeler is focused mainly on demo work, drywall, flooring prep, and of course kitchen tile installation.


As flooring contractors, we are not limited to kitchen and bathroom flooring projects.

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