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Steam Shower Installer West Highland, Co

Great news! Our team of experienced tile contractors with over 40 years of expertise in shower, bathroom, kitchen, and flooring remodeling is here to help you with your bathroom remodel.

We only work with the best materials, including porcelain, ceramic, marble, glass, and mosaic tiles, to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

Steam Shower West Highland,Co

Welcome to our West Highland Tile Installers Home Page. We are a custom tile installation contractor, Specializing in the following services for residential remodeling:

  • Shower Pan Installation-Repair-Replacement

  • Steam Shower Installer

  • Waterproofing Expert

  • Tile Installation

  • Installation of Porcelain Tile Flooring

  • Framing

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Kitchen Tile Backsplash Installation

ACTION SHOWER PAN & STEAM SHOWER COMPANY has more than four decades of experience, we have become specialists in renovating bathrooms, kitchens, showers, and flooring for our clients.


Our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional quality and exceeding your expectations. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you transform space!

As a highly-skilled craftsman, we take pride in our extensive experience working with a variety of products, materials, and processes. From porcelain tile to ceramic and glass tile, marble, and mosaic tile, we have the expertise to handle any project with precision and care. Let us bring our passion for craftsmanship to your next project.

Shower Pan West Highland,Co

Shower Pan Installation

Looking for a reliable and experienced team to install your tile shower pans? Look no further than us! With over 40 years of experience, we specialize in using cement pour and the best waterproofing shower pan membranes to ensure a long-lasting and leak-free shower. Trust us to provide you with a high-quality and reliable service.

Our team is dedicated to preventing leaks and ensuring the safety and security of your property. With our proven method, you can trust us to provide a reliable installation that will meet your needs and provide a lasting solution.

Action Shower Pan and Steam Shower Company offers a high-quality tile shower pan that can provide long-lasting performance and efficient drainage.

Look no further than our expertly installed shower pans.

"Transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis with our expert tile selection and design services. Our team of professionals will help you choose the perfect tile and design to match your bathroom's style. We also ensure that water flows smoothly toward the drain without any puddling. Contact us today to get started!"

Our services include installing shower pans that incorporate the latest advances in waterproofing.

We install top shower liner brands like Schluter/Kerdi-Latricrete Hydroban-and DalTile.

Plumbing services along with our cement-poured construction pans make us the most reliable shower pan installation company in the industry.

Take a look at our plumbing referrals:

Shower Pan West Highland,Co
Shower Pan Repair West Highland,Co
Steam Shower Installers West Highland, Co

A great steam shower installation begins with the materials that will be installed and how the steam shower is waterproofed. Some of the top choices preferred in the tile installations are porcelain tile, glass tile, and ceramic tile.

Here's just a couple of questions that we are commonly asked when inquiring

about a steam shower installation. 


Q. How large does a steam shower have to be?

A. The minimum size of a steam shower is 36"x 36" with a minimum height of 7 ft. Just enough space for a standing room or a folding teak bench without getting burned by the steam head.

Q. With a shower this small, where does the steam generator go?


A. The ideal location for a steam generator is in a heated attic space, closet, or under a built-in shower bench or vanity as long as it is not exposed to the inside of the steam shower space. It is important to review the electrical and plumbing requirements for the steam generator to determine the best placement for it. 

The steam generator can be placed 60 ft. away and doesn't have to be in the shower.

REPAIR-West Highland, Co

Can the installation of a new shower pan solve your shower leaking issue at a lower cost compared to reinstalling the whole shower? 

Yes. If you're experiencing a leaking shower, it's worth considering the option of replacing the shower pan as it can be a more economical solution compared to reinstalling the entire shower. However, it's crucial to seek professional advice to ensure that the underlying issue causing the leak is properly addressed. A thorough assessment of the situation can help determine the most appropriate course of action to take.

1. "If you're dealing with a damaged shower pan, it's important to resolve the problem ASAP. In most cases, replacing the pan is the safest and most secure option. If the damage is severe, a repair may not be enough to ensure the longevity of your shower. Consider replacing the pan for a more reliable solution."

2. "Don't let a damaged shower pan ruin your day. It can be fixed. When it comes to repairs, choosing a replacement pan is often the best choice. However, I do recognize that the shower may not be available for a time. "


Installing your new shower pan correctly is an integral part of making sure your waterproofing system works. It is essential to have it taken care of and sealed correctly before you tile over it.

As a result of our experience installing cement-poured shower pans, we ensure that the installation will drain effectively and not puddle in a corner and that there won't be any leaks You can choose to tile your shower pan, or we can complete the entire job.

Shower Pan Replacement West Highland, Co
Bathroom Remodel West Highland,Co


West Highland,Co


  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler

  • New Construction - Residential and Commercial

  • We work directly with- HomeOwners

  • Interior Designers - Home Builders - Contractors

  • We accept subcontract projects to meet your deadlines

  • Steam Shower Installation

  • Bathtub conversions to showers

  • Shower benches and seats built and installed

  • Recess shower niches and curbless shower pans!!

TILE INSTALLATION - Kitchen-Bathroom-Shower-Floor-Tile Contractor

Our tile installation projects include custom residential steam showers, tub to shower conversion, bathroom tile installation & kitchen backsplash & tile flooring installation

Kitchen Tile Backsplash West Highland,Co


Just a few of the Tile showrooms that will inspire!!


Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.

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