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Shower Tile Installers

Our tile installers work hard to make sure that your bathroom, kitchen, or floor tiling project turns out the way you want it to.

For example; we don't start to install tile unless we layout the pattern of the tile job for your approval.


That's what truly counts for us. Your input is the most important opinion that matters. 

"We tile it YOUR way!!!"

Tile Contractors-Denver, CO

Denver shower pan repair and tile installation


Welcome to our Denver, CO tile installers service page. We feature the latest in shower pan repair technology and steam shower waterproofing for a no-leak mold-free shower tile installation.

The button links show the variety of tile-shower-bathroom remodels and shower installation projects that our tile installers work with on a daily basis. We install tile work that you can trust backed by 40 years of experience, written contract, and warranty.


Installations also include curbless walk-in showers for easy wheelchair entrance and ADA compliant convenience. Many homeowners are also converting their bathtubs to showers and our tile installers build and frame showers to your dimensions.


WE FIX LEAKING SHOWERS! Don't delay. As soon as you notice water around the shower and adjoining walls call for an inspection to minimize further damage. We offer Free Online Estimates just call, text or email your request we'll do the rest!

Custom Steam Shower Tile Installation


Just a few of the Tile showrooms that will inspire!!


Tile selections include:

Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile and Natural stone tiles including mosaic and sheet tiles.

As far as in-stock tiles Floor and Decor has the edge.

Bathroom Tile Installers
Residential Remodel and New Construction - DENVER TILE INSTALLERS

ACTION SHOWER PAN & STEAM SHOWER COMPANY - Tile Installer with 40 years of tile installation and bathroom/kitchen remodeling experience is offering the highest quality services and materials for your home renovation projects. Tiling experts installing trusted tile setting and waterproofing materials to complete your kitchen, bathroom, shower, and flooring jobs for years of enjoyment and functional applications.

⦁    BATHTUB to SHOWER CONVERSION: The American lifestyle is trending for more showers than soaking in a tub. One reason is the aging population that finds it more convenient and effectively more practical to replace a tub that you need to step over about 18 inches to get in and replace it with a walk-in shower and the ease of stepping over a 4" shower curb to take a shower. That's one reason. Another reason is the fast pace of today's society. Get in and get out and quickly move on. Regardless of the reasons to replace your tub with a shower, our tile installers make sure to waterproof your shower and install the tile selected for the most appealing and longest-lasting installation using premium materials for premium results. Our floors are pitched to the drain and our shower pans are tested not to leak.

⦁    Bathroom-Kitchen Flooring: The best results for your floor tile installation begin with the floor preparation. Ideally, the finished surface needs to be flat with no lippage, dips, and peaks. Knowing what type of underlayment is needed for the installation is key in achieving the best results. The concrete, wood substrate, OSB all require differing underlayments. Some floors will require a crack isolation membrane or self-leveling cement. Whatever is the case underlayment for floor tile installation is necessary under all circumstances and we never tile directly to the substrate or subfloor. Another aspect to consider when selecting the proper underlayment is the type and size of the tile that will be installed. Marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles all have differing requirements for a kitchen floor installation or bathroom tile installation that will not only add beauty and investment to your project but also ensure an installation that is durable and practical for your family and home needs.

⦁    STEAM SHOWER - SHOWER TILE: Only the highest quality setting materials are used when installing your shower tile project. Whether it is a steam shower or a walk-in shower we will make sure to first plan out the installation with you regarding the layout, where to place cuts, decorative liners, tiling around recess shampoo niches, and benches. We make sure when working with a repeating pattern to fully layout the tile to turn the corners and continue with the pattern. We set tile for full coverage tile installation back buttering each tile and using the appropriate notch trowel for the job.

⦁    WE PREPARE ALL SURFACES: This includes framing to enlarge your project or adding a shower bench or recess shelf. We build to any size and shape you have in mind. Work includes the installation of tile backer wallboard and cement poured shower pans. WaterProofing for shower pans, bathtubs, showers, and steam showers. For many of our installations, we install wallboard with factory-applied waterproofing materials already installed. We'll make sure that the seams are waterproofed and good to go.

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