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Thinking about a shower update? We can help. Many of our clients are looking to convert their bathtub or soaking tub to a walk-in shower. In fact, shower installation projects are trending high in today's bathroom remodeling boom.

The most popular tile being installed in showers is porcelain tile. And no wonder, porcelain tile is a power player in today's home improvement designs because of it's versatility and almost indestructible qualities. Being non-porous in a wet area is also the main reason that that porcelain tile is tops. 


Still, not lagging too far behind is ceramic tile which will always remain a favorite with homeowners and designers. Glass tile and Marble tile can be considered as classic design options and should not be discounted when considering your shower installation project.


Really the shower installation technology has advanced so much that it no longer presents a problem common to shower installations in the past, yet still encountered in the present despite advancement.

Therefore when installing a tile shower make sure to do the basic things that will prevent water leaks to the shower that will cause major structural damage if left to persist.

With 40 years of repairing and replacing showers, we apply what we know works for a water tight - waterproof shower installation.

Shower Installation with Porcelain tile

Why should tile be your first choice when considering a bathroom update or remodel? Tile offers a unique look that no other surface material can match. This means that tile adds true value to your shower, bathroom, kitchen, or home improvement project that no other substitute material can.

Here are some questions to consider regarding a shower installation with tile:

  • Isn't it hard to clean and maintain the grout in a shower stall? - No. Today's grout is far ahead of the old grouts used in times past. That doesn't mean that those tile grouts are not sold in stores today. Most people are not aware of the grout advancement in technology and are not familiar with the limitations of the grouts sold. Yet, there are tile grouts that are far above the rest by being colorfast, mold growth prohibitive, and never need sealing because of their stain-resistant capabilities. Mapei Ultracolor FA fits in this category and is far ahead of the competition. In fact, if there was a "holy grail" of grout this would come to be pretty close to it.

  • Will converting my bathtub to a walk-in shower hurt the reselling value of my home? - No. One reason why tub to shower conversion works and is so very popular today is the ease of access for those of us who are becoming limited in mobility. Also cleaning a walk-in shower is much easier to maintain and fits the fast pace lifestyle of the modern family. I have found that many people are opting for a steam shower for relaxing instead of soaking or jetted tub.

  • What is an ideal size for a walk-in shower? - Well if you are going to convert your bathtub to a walk-in shower your dimensions for your new shower tile installation will be the same if not a little more than the existing bathtub which is about 32-34 inches by 60 inches. Today that has become the standard size shower that most households have. Because of these dimensions, most people will add a shower bench or will opt for shower heads on both sides of the shower for more than one person showering at a time. 

  • Does my shower need a shower door? Not necessarily. It depends on the design of the shower and how well insulated the bathroom is. Some showers will just have a glass panel while other showers will have a partition wall. One thing to remember when considering a shower door or not is that a shower door helps to keep the heat in and the cold chill out.

Step #1 Shower Tear Out

Step #1 Shower Tear Out

A new bathtub to walk-in shower conversion begins with removing the tub and removing the walls to the studs if necessary. Some homeowners enjoy doing this part themselves.

Step # 2 Plumbing and Framing

Step # 2 Plumbing and Framing

At this point it's a good idea to replace the shower valves which will never again be so easy to replace the new valves. Also if needed the framing of a new bench can be done or the shower can now be enlarged.

Step #3 Wallboard installation

Step #3 Wallboard installation

There are many options available for shower tile backer boards. In this example we installed Durrock cement board for the shower installation.

Step #4 Waterproofing

Step #4 Waterproofing

This step is often left out of the shower installation and is really not required in the building code, However its a good practice for a professional shower installer. We selected a liquid waterproofing membrane for this installation.

Step #5 Waterproofing the seams

Step #5 Waterproofing the seams

There are backer boards that have a factory applied waterproof membrane attached. The seams will still need to be sealed. In this example we covered the wallboard seams with Schluter-Kerdi membrane as we installed the shower tile. This can be done prior to the tile installation.

Step #6 Cement Poured Shower Pan

Step #6 Cement Poured Shower Pan

With the Schluter-Kerdi waterproofing membrane the cement shower pan can be poured after the shower walls are installed.

Step #7 Waterproofing the Shower

Step #7 Waterproofing the Shower

Once the cement has cured the shower pan can be waterproofed. If not already done so the shower walls can also be waterproofed as in this example of a steam shower installation.

Step #8 Wall Tile Installation

Step #8 Wall Tile Installation

The wall tile is installed before the shower pan floor is tiled. This allows for the bottom roll of tile to sit on top of the floor tile

Step #9 Grouting

Step #9 Grouting

The grouting of the shower begins at the top of the walls working your way down. The shower pan and curb are the last last to be grouted. When the wall grout is a different color to the floor grout, the floor either needs to be grouted first with the walls grouted the next day or at least covered to prevent the wall grout getting into the floor grout joints.

Step #10 The shower Door

Step #10 The shower Door

Depending on your shower, you may be able to buy shower doors off the shelf. Most steam showers and enlarged showers will need to have their doors custom made by a shower glass door company.


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