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Broomfield Curbless Shower Tile Installation

Broomfield No Curb Linear Drain


Custom Shower Tile Installation No Shower Curb Expert


The bathroom project featured on this page highlights a remodel in a 1938 Tudor home in Denver that added a walk in shower that eliminates the shower curb and also features a Schluter linear drain that is tiled over thereby giving the appearance of an invisible shower drain. 

We specialize in custom cement poured shower pans of any size and work with a variety of tiles available in today's market. In this case, the homeowner selected the porcelain floor tile that was laid in a herringbone pattern which continued into the walk-in shower. 


The wall tile is a 12x24 porcelain tile that is made to look like natural stone, so there is no need for sealing and is low maintenance.


All the tile in this project was purchased from A WORLD OF TILE

We also will contract to install your shower pan only.


Tile installers for all types of projects including bathroom remodeling installation of heated floors and waterproof membranes for steam shower units.

All tile installer services are available along the front range. Check our service areas and call for an inspection or quote. 



Action Shower Pan has years of remodeling and new construction experience for any project you may have in mind. 

Glass doors by Denver Glass Interiors

Tile Installer Brighton

Tile installer Showers Floors and More. Custom poured shower pans any size. Professional bullnose services for all of your tile design needs. Shower was built with a custom bench, tileable Schluter linear drain and a curbless walk-in floor

Schluter Linear Drain Brighton

Porcelain wall tile is set in a horizontal pattern with the grout joints lining up. Attention to the grain direction of the tile is laid out prior to the installation. Schluter shower drain is centered along the back wall of the shower.

Tile Installation Brighton

Porcelain wall tiles are cut when they meet at the shower corners to reflect a turning effect by continuing the direction of the grain so as to give the appearance of continuing flow. This tile also comes with a ready made tile edging provided by A World of Tile

Shower Tile Installation Brighton

As the porcelain wall tile is set moving up the wall, careful attention is given so that the pattern in the tile will match the adjacent tiles. Schluter drain is located bottom left of picture. Schluter waterproofing membrane is added to the pan after the cement is poured and cured. Then tile will be set to remaining bottom of walls and pan.

Cement Shower Pan Brighton

The shower pan is floated to drain towards the back wall of the shower. This picture shower the rest of the bathroom floor where the toilet and heater vent is located. This bathroom floor uses self-leveling cement

Floor Tile Installation Brighton

The floor tile set in this bathroom remodel is a 3x12 porcelain slate tile set in a herringbone pattern. Tile is first laid out dry to make sure that no sliver cuts are in the pattern.

Floor Tile Installer Brighton

Once the main course of tiles are set and dry the edges are cut in and wood base board can be installed to the herringbone floor tile installation.

Bathroom Remodel Brighton

This bathroom remodel project also included this vanity and marble top which worked very well with the porcelain wall tile installed in the shower.

Bathroom Remodeling Brighton

The Kohler toilet selected along with the vanity worked well with this 1938 tudor home giving a modern take on this bathroom remodeling design.

Bathroom Tile Remodel Brighton

Every in of space was used for this remodel the shower located opposite from this wall carries the same herringbone pattern into the curbless walk-in shower.

Small Bathroom Remodel Brighton

Going with a curbless walk-in shower helped in giving this small bathroom the illusion of space. The glass shower doors swing out or into the shower with no curb its easy to step in and out of and doesn't feel confined to a small area.

Tudor Home Remodel

The bones of the bathroom. Looking at the center of the picture you can see the white shower drain pipe sticking up about 12 inches from the floor. The shower bench has already been framed to the right of the pipe. The Schluter drain is in the red box in front of the bench leaning against the wall.

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